Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cosmeo: Taking United Streaming to New Heights

I just read a post from Steve Dembo's Teach 42 blog about Discovery Education's new venture called Cosmeo.

This thing looks amazing and a 30 day free trial is available. It makes many of the United Streaming features plus an addition 30,000, yes 30 large, videos available to families in the home plus games that correlate like United Streaming to the GLCEs.

Right now Cosmeo runs for $9.95 a month per subscription. I have not looked at what school access might be. Maybe we will get lucky and get some help from the OAISD like we did with United Streaming. I passed on the 30 day trial because you have to give your credit card and pick a subscription to begin after the trial. Of course you can cancel before the 30 days is up and not be charged, but I seem to have a hard time remebering to cancel.