Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Infotech Spam 1.0

This is a post of the email I sent out earlier this spring:

Mail Maintenance: Many of us use a variety of different programs to receive and send email. Entourage, Outlook, Netscape, and Apple's OSX Mail are all in use and all seem to have the same problem. We delete our mail only to have it pop back up like a bad penny. The best advice I can give is for you to visit the REMC mail site and organize your mail that way. http://mail.remc7.k12.mi.us will allow you access into your account. Here you can delete the messages for good from the server. But, when you are there, you have to purge your trash, otherwise the message will remain in your trash.

Speaking of mail and spam, I know a lot of people have begun receiving a lot of nuisance emails in their school accounts. There isn't a lot you can do about it except ignore it. You can try the blacklist feature in the left top corner of the REMC mail page and block the sender. No fair trying this out on this message!

Beware of Google Images!: I felt really bad today when I told a teacher who was doing some really great vocabulary exercises with Google Images that it was really dangerous tool to use with kids. Of course it was probably more how I said it than what I said, but Google Images is pretty notorious for bringing back inappropriate pics, even on the most appropriate of searches. You can use Google Images when the kids aren't around, but it is just too risky to do it with them over your shoulder or on their own. Hats off to anyone who is using images to develop understanding. That is a great way to use our technology. Just be careful