Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Infotech Spam 1.1

This is a posting of the Infotech Spam email I sent out on April 21.

Don't just bookmark it. Furl it!
Furl at furl.net is a "social bookmarking" service that lets you save favorite pages online. Once you complete the free registration, you are given your own space to save and organize pages. This is nice because you can then access at school or at home. I use Furl with students so that they stay focused on exactly the sites I want them using. An example of this is our 4th grade study of prehistoric people and mammals in Michigan here . As nice as these features are, the hands-down thing that makes Furl so popular is the ability to view other users' bookmarks. If I see that another member is "furling" stuff on mastodons, I am going to check their page to see what sites might work for me too. Talk about letting others do the leg-work for you! When you get comfortable with Furl, there is a nifty little gadget you can save to your computer's favorites that lets you click one button to furl the page you are viewing. Other wise you have to copy and paste urls onto your furl page.

Can't Make the May 5 OAISD Conference?
Don't feel bad if you can't make it out to the ISD to hear Discovery Education Network's Steve Dembo deliver the luncheon keynote on May 5. Last night, Steve was the featured speaker on DEN's monthly webinar. A webinar is where you can join a huge online conference call and interact with a national speaker. Dembo gave the same presentation about online tools that he is planning for Cinco de Mayo in Holland. Discovery usually archives the audio from the program and should have it up shortly at http://school.discovery.com/edtechconnect/ . This way, you save $50, avoid the hassle of sub plans, and can still hear the information at your convenience.

Power School Preview
I, like many of you, was anxious to get more details yesterday about the incoming Power School initiative. Whatever the conflict we weren't able to do that yesterday, but Apple provides a bundle of information at their PS site . In fact, Apple even hosts a free, daily conference call/interactive demo for those looking for more information about Power School.