Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Infotech Spam 1.2

Here is a posting of another emailer.

GOOGLE Smokes Hotmail: More Bill bashing. Gmail, Google's email service whipped Microsoft's Hotmail in overall growth last year by nearly 114% to 16%. Hotmail is still the world's most popular service and is very nice, but GMAIL offers a cleaner interface and seems to really handle spam well. I have had a GMAIL account for over a year and love it. If you would like to try GMAIL, just email me at my GMAIL account . I have almost 100 accounts to hand out. Very Van Andel/De Vosian wouldn't you say? I sign up and get 100 accounts to give. Then you will get 100 accounts and then the next people get 100. No wonder they're growing.

Need Rulers? This site has free printable rulers. Just make sure that you follow their directions when printing. Talk about another money saver. Besides, it is pretty hard to impale your classmate with a paper ruler.

Summer Project Idea: Librarything.com offers an amazing free service. You can now catalog your classroom or home library (up to 200) books for free. To go beyond 200, the price is a mere $25 for life. Not only can you categorize your own library, you can subscribe and watch other people's libraries for new book ideas. Your kids' parents can subscribe to your list at home to see what new books are coming in. Well, maybe you don't want to make things that public with some parents. Anyway it is a great way to inventory and keep a handle on what you have in your classroom stash. This could be a great way to set up sharing across buildings or even the district. Give it a look.