Monday, May 01, 2006

ThinkFree could be a big help if........

Free From the Chain of Office Os9 (almost): I was all jazzed up last week to tell you about a new free online Microsoft Office-esque suite of free tools called Thinkfree at You can create fully compatible Word, Excel, and PPT documents online for free. I had heard one positive review, but before I started gushing about sticking it to Bill Gates and that painful OS9 version of Office many of us are using, I decided I had better check things out for myself. On the surface, the thing looks awesome. Quickly I created a Power Point, only tf calls the application "Show", complete with a Bill Gates mugshot from his time in the Albuquerque slam. The problems arose when I tried to save the project. It froze Firefox every time. Thinkfree will not load in either Internet Explorer or Safari. You are probably wondering why I am even telling you about Thinkfree if it doesn't work right, well it could be a PC/MAC issue. If you have a PC at home, give it a shot. Also, we need to understand that this is beta software, meaning not quite finished. The programmers put it out there so that little bugs could be fixed. I emailed them to share my experience. None the less, the potential of this site is enormous both in convenience and cost. Being web-based, there is no trapesing around floppies or cds. All is saved online and you get a whole Gigabyte of space. If we ever get caught up enough with the abilities of our student computers, we will have office already for free, office they can work on at home! I am really pulling for the folks at Thinkfree to get things worked out. This could be really helpful take a look and send some email to keep the demand up.

Thanks to the Seedlings group podcast at Bit by Bit for mentioning ThinkFree.